Liturgical Dance Therapy Can be Used to Relieve Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Dance The Word!


DANCE THE WORD:  Restoring Hope:  We use dance as a vehicle of healing to restore hope to those dealing with symptoms of depression, anxiety, spiritual distress, spiritual drought and grief.  Through these liturgical dance therapies we offer a means to experience the healing powers of God through dance.

DANCE THE WORD:  Renew Spirits:  We reach out beyond the walls of the church and past denominational boundaries to minister to all of God’s children through movement. Through dance and the freedom of the Holy Spirit, we Dance the Word to speak life to the lost, restoration to the broken, and deliverance to those without hope.

DANCE THE WORD:   Reviving Souls:  We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ who lives in our every movement and breath by dancing the Word and creating a visual dimension that brings the scriptures to life. As we Dance the Word, the Word of God is preached and the congregation is free to experience the sermon through the testimony of the movement.

Restoring hope, renewing spirits, reviving souls through dance

Young women will dance and be happy,  young men and old men will join in. I’ll convert their weeping into laughter,  lavishing comfort, invading their grief with joy. (Jeremiah 31:13, MSG).

Rev Rita

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